It's about Passion!

And transforming that passion into results for my clients!

Born in generation X, self-made entrepreneur with more than two decades of experience in the fields of company management, digital marketing, customer support, business development, and sales. Dado has spent most of his career dealing with various products, services, and e-commerce activities. In addition to his primary occupation, he has managed to establish and help in the startup of well over 50 companies (Ltd., sole proprietorships, etc.) for his clients within different economic sectors.

Dado currently lives in the heart of Europe, in Ljubljana, Slovenia; and is continuing to develop his entrepreneurial skills. Working as a self-employed professional, helping companies achieve their business vision by filling the missing parts of their company activities and identifying and developing new or existing markets with a primary focus on delivering more sign-ups and active customers in order to achieve maximised sales and increased business profitability.

Instead of “secret formulas,” I simply possess all the qualities that businesses need to succeed in order to be entrepreneurial. In my work philosophy, it’s not about me; it’s about the team, success, and growth. As a company representative, I am able to handle a wide variety of duties and meet standards and goals in both new and existing markets. Even more, with ME, all needed investments can be funded exclusively through the revenues that we make from target markets.

Words and actions for local, regional and global company success!


We will bring on a daily basis countless advertising partners and new users to the business

Affiliate Marketing - Online

We will not wait for advertisers to discover us; we will search and recruit in all countries where we can act.

Free media Marketing

Seed thousands of ads to grow millions of links to “your business” without having to pay a single penny for it.

Agent/Shop Marketing - Offline

Advertise locally offline. Profitably expand your promotional shop, kiosk, booth network in high-traffic areas.

Paid Media Marketing

Both print & online advertisement prices will be negotiable, and in most cases, they can reach up to 90% discount prices.

Customer Affiliate Marketing

Turn your customer into your best advertising partner with small reward or performance-based compensation.

Reputation Marketing

Bad reviews and negative comments are killing your business? No worries, we will suppress them and overrun with positive!


Dare to be innovative. We will not just talk about risk factors; We will actually step from comfort zone and putting ideas into action.

Business Startup

Building the businesses for newcomer venture from scratch, all target markets will be delivered within time and budget plan.

Consulting & Planning

We are here to listen and explore all perspectives to tailor a business plan that perfectly fits in all processes of a company.

Brand Representation

Your ambassador in a new location. Position your company in customers’ minds with our active approach, Every new market count.

Revenue Growth

Driving sustainable and profitable growth of the business by increasing customer database, marketing, and sales affords.


Whether you are looking for Staff or even partners structure, the recruitment world becomes smaller combined with our methodology.

Business Recovery

Preserve a business and prevent its shutdown, Rebuilding a company’s operations that are no longer effective or profitable.


We'll provide amazing customer support and a memorable customer experience.

Email, Telephone & Chat Support

Providing excellent support to the customers and deliver adequate responses on their valuable time.

AML & KYC Customer Procedures

Ensuring that business lines implement KYC policies that comply with relevant AML laws and regulations..

Deposit & Withdrawal Procedures

Handling payment-related issues and disputes with customers and payment providers.

VIP Account Management

Managing the operations of privileged clients to increase their loyalty, and provide a first-rate satisfaction..

Retention & Reactivation Program

Ability to keep customers as repeat business and keep them from moving to your competitor.

Customer Affiliate Program

Leveraging the trust of existing customers to promote a brand as a brand ambassador.

Non - Risk Management for Start-ups

I do not just represent; I deliver. What you need, When you need it, where you need it

    Limited budget for advertising campaign?

    It's much easier to manage company operations, beat competition and to achieve strong brand awareness with large or unlimited budget, but still no hassle if we have none or limited financial structure. Our multitasking approach to the projects and development set of skills will help us deliver all assigned business activities to a successful end; Without Financial risks for the company.


    $/€ investment per ad


    Advertising Partners


    Brand Advertisements


    Customer registrations